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The Parisian who wondered wowed everyone with “Nightcall” and then proceeded with the stunning job he did on the Drive Soundtrack is back. And he comes back to do it all over again with his new piece, ”Protovision”, that is lifted from his new EP, Outrun. Enjoy this devilish power chords and haunting synth pulses with the stream below.


 Kavinsky   Protovision

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Amazing skateboard video using lights created by samadhi production directed by Jan Minol, song : Nullified Mark Petrie.
screenshot 2012 12 09 à 21.11.13 e1355084129609 FireFly

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This video created by Clair and Max is a nice composition of a 4 year trip around the world. They condensed all their rushs in a 4 minute video. This movie makes us wonder a simple thing: Why are we still in front of our computer?


2008 2012 2 4 years around the world

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The conflict in Syria escalated as the pressure to oust President Bashar al-Assad intensified. Hurricane Sandy struck the U.S. Northeast leaving heavy destruction a week before the country re-elected Barack Obama as President. In this showcase, the photographers offer a behind the scenes account of the images that helped define the year. Discover this selection made by Reuters in the article.


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At Barb, we love everything which is beautiful. And you've certainly figured out now that we also love cars! Madly. So you'll probably understand why we absolutely wanted to share with you this futurist concept car designed by BMW. We can't wait for this kind of "Tron" era to come!

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Sponsored by Swatch & The North Face, White Noise is an amazing documentary produced by TimeLine Films on the snowboarder Xavier de la Rue. With beautiful images in black & white, downhill and timelapse night, discover this beautifull movie in the following article.

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Bakea (from his real name Juan Carlos) is an illustrator, sculptor and artistic designer from Madrid whose work is based on landscape pictures brighten up by imaginary creatures of all sorts. Maybe you'll also notice that your favorite Instagram filters are included in the pictures as well. This original mix is the kind of work that we like here at!


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Dear reader, do you have kids? Better, do you live in Akershus, Norway? Because if you do, we certainly found something that will please the child you still have in there: the Ice Cream Castle. Designed by Interior Architects, the shop is a dream came true full of pinguins and colors in which the column in the middle of the room has been “straw” around sucking up all the flavors, strawberry, chocolate, pistachio, mango etc. Yummy!


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Located in Cape Town, South Africa, the Spa House has been created by Metropolis Design. As it is named, it looks more like a luxurious spa than a house since the water is represented in almost every one of its spaces. Discover more pictures of this amazing house in the article.


1327326842 spa house 03 1280 pixels 1000x667 Spa House by Metropolis Design

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Here's the Autumn/Winter 2012 lookbook of the english store The Buttery Store. The photos were taken by the photograph Andrew Whitton, going for a nice balance of vivid colour and tonal black and whites between outdoor and studio style shots. Including pieces from Carhartt, Palace, Penfield, Jan Sport, Lee 101 and some other accessories, the lookbook is a good glimpse of what we're gonna want to shop this winter.


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